Designed to automatically wash and degrease components using a hot water-based detergent

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The Eurowash is extremely popular as a stand-alone wash plant due to the compact size and easy access for operators.

As each component is processed, it is quickly and simply placed into the wash cabin and works alongside the machining centre. The Eurowash is loaded via a roller door that rolls inside of the wash chamber on roller bearings and a stainless steel runner.

The components to be cleaned are placed on a stainless mesh floor grid and the wash boom rotates while the parts remain static, completely eliminating any possibility of the parts failing or damaging. With the door retracted, components can be loaded easily onto the table for washing. 

The Eurowash is designed for cellular washing where the machine is used constantly in production environments.  

Opening and closing the door is very simple, and, most importantly, the load height does not require excessive bending which could lead to possible back strain. Vixen's Eurowash automatic degreasing equipment models are superbly constructed and are capable of washing and degreasing in a compact space.

Additional small component baskets are available as extras.

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  • Specially designed for automatic washing in hot water detergent
  • Eurowash 60 – 600mm diameter basket
  • Eurowash 84 – 840mm diameter basket
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