Brayon Classic Engineering

Loch Lomond, Scotland


Loch Lomond, Scotland


Aquablast 1215

Brayon Classic Engineering use our Aquablast 1215 to achieve high quality results for returning customers.

Based in Loch Lomond, Scotland, Brayon Classic Engineering are a classic car and classic race car specialist.

The company builds engines of all types and also restores and builds classic cars and race cars for road, track and rally aspects.

Many of the classic race cars Brayon have built over the years, have gone on to win various championships as well as their own 1965 Ford Mustang race car.

The company purchased our Aquablast 1215 after deciding to no longer use other wet blasting firms.

Now done in house, Brayon can now save on journeys and achieve an instant turnaround for returning customers.

The 1215 is our medium-sized cabinet which is ideal for processing medium to large car parts. Our vapor blasting technology uses water mixed with abrasive media to blast clean components and removes deposits such as rust, oil and dirt. The advantages of using water means this is a dust-free process and cushions components so there is no damage or dimensional change.

Now, customers love the finish with the attention to detail being the highest of quality. 


Scott Brennan


Our Vixen Aquablast machine has been a great help in keeping work in house so quality and turnaround is to the highest level. We build many sub-sections and engines with alloy casings such as Jaguars etc, the finish that the machine brings is amazing and brings the overall attention to detail that our customers always return for. We’ve also had other local classic car and motorcycle specialists bring their work here after seeing the finished components.

The service at Vixen has always been very professional and polite. From the day we visited the manufacturing plant and having lunch, to the day the machines were delivered and installed with a visit to make sure all was well with the installations. Over the phone and email orders are always on time and sometimes with good chat over the phone which makes a difference!!

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